All In One Shop - Success Stories Of MTR Shops

The business operations and site selection strategy of Sushi Express Hong Kong - Kazef Chan, General Manager of Sushi Express Hong Kong

Sushi Express is Taiwan's largest conveyor belt sushi brand. In 2010, they opened their first SUSHTAKE-OUT shop at a Hong Kong MTR station.

Kazaf Chan, the General Manager of Sushi Express in Hong Kong mentioned they have been committed to provide a high-quality and convenient Japanese grab-and-go experience at affordable prices.

Today, Sushi Express has nearly 30 branches in the Hong Kong MTR railway network. “We invest a lot of time researching the location of our branches to open our sushi shops in high-traffic areas.” Mr Chan notes. 

Being Hong Kong's largest public transportation system, MTR offers competitive advantages with steady and high patronage at MTR Shops, which benefits a lot to brand exposure and in turn secures steady customer base. Sushi Express, undoubtedly harnesses these advantages and grows their business in the Hong Kong region over the past decade. ”We are delighted to discover suitable locations along the MTR lines that align with our business model. Establishing shops in MTR stations allows us to capture nearby residents and even customers from other areas.” Mr Chan mentioned.

Tin Shui Wai Station of Tuen Ma Line is the major transportation hub in the district. Mr Chan pointed out “…Tin Shui Wai’s shop is tiny, but excels in high foot traffic, making it one of our top-performing branches.”

In recent years, Sushi Express continuously introduce various new products and adapted to the dynamic Hong Kong market. In addition to the well-known individually packed sushi, bento boxes, and rice bowls. They also expand their offerings to include a variety of proprietary snacks, and beverages that align with Hong Kong people’s fast-paced grab-and-go habit.

Looking forward, Chan is optimistic about more collaborations with MTR Shops, aiming to expand the brand's community presence and achieve mutual growth and win-win partnership with MTR.

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