All In One Shop - Success Stories Of MTR Shops

Conversing with Managing Director of hana-musubi, Muneo Nishida

MTR owns multiple railway lines and is the preferred mode of transportation for most residents and tourists.

Managing Director of hana-musubi Muneo Nishida agreed, "We benefit from a large and stable customer base of 5 million passengers per day, and opening stores in the stations allows our brand awareness to continuously increase among customers."

He also mentioned, "In 2015, hana-Musubi became the first store to set up shop in an MTR station. After sharing our business philosophy with MTR, we decided to choose Tai Koo Station as our first MTR branch. During the communication period, MTR actively assisted us in identifying stations with potential demand for our products from the perspectives of customers and merchants. This resulted in a win-win situation. We are grateful to MTR colleagues for providing excellent suggestions, which allowed our products to have the opportunity to start from Tai Koo Station. We have now established over 50 branches in various stations, successfully reaching our target customers and bringing peace of mind, safety, convenience, and delicious food to more people in Hong Kong through hana-Musubi."

Prioritizing effective communication with merchants, MTR Corporation goes above and beyond by extending a multitude of assistance.

"In addition, we have our own central food production facility, where all hana-Musubi products undergo thorough hygiene and quality management. With the support of the station's hygiene and transportation facilities, we are able to deliver hana-Musubi products quickly to different station branches, ensuring that customers can easily purchase the freshest products."

Muneo Nishida aims to open 200 branches across Hong Kong, allowing more people to enjoy their signature Omusubi rice balls. "Finally, we would like to thank MTR for providing full support in terms of renovation, daily operations management, and other facilities. This support gives us confidence to continuously develop new products while maintaining a sense of freshness for the brand among customers, and to continue expanding our network in station stores."

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