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The Brand Philosophy of Hung Fook Tong in Hong Kong Market - Dr. Ricky Szeto, the CEO & Executive Doctor of Hung Fook Tong Holding Limited

Hung Fuk Tong, originating from a traditional herbal tea shop, has undergone decades of growth and transformation. While steadfastly promoting herbal tea culture, it strives to continuously bringing new products and experiences to customers and sincerely provide its own flavors and warm service to the Hong Kong market. As a result, it has become a well-loved brand in the health-conscious segment.

Throughout their journey, Hung Fook Tong has maintained a strong and continuous partnership with MTR. The leasing team at MTR Shops is dedicated to enhance services for passengers. Dr. Ricky Szeto, the CEO & Executive Doctor of Hung Fook Tong Holding Limited, stated, “MTR highly aligns with our brand philosophy. In 2002, with the opening of the Tseung Kwan O Line, Hung Fook Tong opened its first MTR station branch along the line, offering healthy and convenient herbal tea, soups, and food for busy commuters. The high foot traffic at MTR stations has not only made us more widely known but has also helped us connect with a younger demographic and families.”

With the continuous expansion at MTR stations and various locations, Hung Fook Tong was listed in Hong Kong stock market in 2014, benchmarking its leadership position in the Chinese herbal health product market. Today, with over 100 branches, more than 50% of them are located at MTR stations, showcasing the strong partnership they have established with MTR. Dr. Ricky Szeto mentioned, “Beyond support in finding locations and store decoration, MTR Shops frequently collaborates with us on various promotions. Through the MTR Mobile app, which has millions of users, we could promote our new products and increase exposure. Additionally, throughout the year MTR Shops distributes cash vouchers for station stores, which further attracting customers to visit and make purchases. As Hong Kong's primary transportation system, the MTR has provided significant momentum and opportunities for our brand.”

With these advantages, Dr. Ricky Szeto believes Hung Fook Tong will continue to work closely with MTR Shops, striving to offer high-quality products and services, ultimately promoting a healthy lifestyle for their customers.

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